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Merlin and Gwaine (I don't know why I'm repinning this, but come on, it's Merlin and Gwaine. :D)

A summary of Gwaine. And somehow he won over the fandom's hearts.

This is what happens when you go through life alone and homeless. When you finally make a bunch of friends, you are so excited you can't shut up! <- reinning for that

I LOVED this episode. I have been looking forward to it for sooooo long, and all I can say is...GWAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody else saw it too!! Gwaine and Flynn are like the exact same guy!

Pretty much Gwaine's character in one picture. Gwaine was always my favorite. He's quick. He's funny. He makes them owe me money. Sorry, wrong movie involving knights.

Bit of language here, sorry!

It was amusing. And then I got to the last one and about choked on my laughter.

Merlin. Lancelot's should say sacrificed for Arthur/Gwen/Merlin

This sounds like a conversation that Casten and Varen would have, except Merlin looks nothing like Varen.