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Catching spider webs!

Put real spiderwebs on paper. preserve a spiderweb on paper to explore/look at. or put the black paper behind it so it can be seen in detail and then take a picture so you don't have to destroy the spider's web.

12 Ways to Add English Country Charm to your Homepaintings anywhere and everywhere

Simply love it! I definitely want this study room in my house! This just may be my favorite "library" pin ever. The colors are warm and earthy, love the wall color and equestrian art. Everything literally glows.

Shoe Guide: Choose the right shoes for your body shape | MY SILHOUETTE STYLING novafarah.com

DIAGRAM: Know your kitten heels from your platform wedges via this handy shoe diagram

I thought it would be a nice idea to sketch the various types of high heels. So, here is a fairly good selection of the general types of pumps available right now.

Relaxed English from The Pig in The Wall, Southhampton-----love the deep wing on the setee!  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists ATSocialMedia.co.uk

The Pig in the Wall