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That's enough internet for today

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Today Top Reddit funny pics - 100 pics - LOL MANIA CLUB

"I bet you would be put in Hufflepuff." As a Hufflepuff fan myself, I am deeply offended. <<< Yeah, even Hufflepuff has standards.

Haha parents and phones

26 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Text. - laughing so hard *just more reasons they should definitely text xD

*note: do not recommend  utterly hilarious thou

This is amazing, I cry from laughter every time I read this. If you take time to read it, its seriously the funniest thing ever!

The Delicious Irony. xD

The Delicious Irony

Funny pictures about How to be Batman. Oh, and cool pics about How to be Batman. Also, How to be Batman photos.

I'm so thinking about naming my child, Potter! :)

Mom Sherlock is my friend- lol! //The funniest thing is that I totally want to name all of my children after fictional characters.

29 Tumblr Posts About White People That Will Make You Sip Your Tea on imgfave

No longer have any white friends. This is the funniest thing I have ever read.