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Wonder Woman is upset...

Wonder Woman’s Worries

Raise your kids bearded

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It's a conspiracy!!  I know some grandchildren that may be doing this at times and they think I don't know it.  lol

Let's drive Mom bat-shit crazy. That way, she'll let us watch TV just to get a moment's peace. this is the conspiracy theory of my children.

happens everyday in the garden!

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Totes adorable!

Totes adorable!

Infinite wishes!

A Web Comic Infused with Snark, Sarcasm, and Unicorns!

The tea party.

The tea party.

jam session

the community centre - jam session

A simple chuckle - Imgur

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yeah when?

Professional Pinner~ As you can tell from my boards, I have great organizational skills, I am diverse, I am a creative thinker and I always dress for success!

A certain teen mom 2 star and her friends need to see this

Funny Confession Ecard: Ladies, There Is A Fine Line Between Wearing Makeup and Looking Like Crayola Gang Banged Your Face.

Spring is here!  both of those scenarios.

Why I HATE Spring from my favourite comic strip - Ink on the side!

Yes please!

Lucky to have my hubby :*

I may not be everyone's cup of tea

Smith T Interiors Smith T Interiors Smith T Interiors Smith T Interiors Smith T Interiors Ellison Ruckman

I love it how your the only one I have absolutly no filter with and you still don't punch me in the face.

To my best friend ash

BOOM!!! Some of us just can't help it!!!

Free and Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: I had no intention of waking up this morning and being this fabulous, but as you know, some things are simply out of our control.