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from ScienceDaily

Major reductions in seafloor marine life from climate change by 2100

"An international team of scientists predict seafloor dwelling marine life will decline by up to 38 per cent in the North Atlantic and over five per cent globally over the next century. These changes will be driven by a reduction in the plants and animals that live at the surface of the oceans that feed deep-sea communities. As a result, ecosystem services such as fishing will be threatened."

from ScienceDaily

More infectious diseases emerging in animals as climate changes, say zoologists

More infectious diseases emerging in animals as climate changes, say zoologists - ScienceDaily #climate #wildlife

from ScienceDaily

Not at home on the range: As hosts expand geographical range, the parasites don’t always follow

"As climate change shifts the geographic ranges in which animals can be found, concern mounts over the effect it has on their parasites. Does an increased range for a host mean new territory for its parasites as well?"

These amazing pictures show a unique view of sea life. For those who have never been snorkeling of been near the ocean, it shows them how incredibly interesting the ocean is. It shows the beauty of marine life.

from ScienceDaily

Pacific trade winds stall global surface warming ... for now

"Heat stored in the western Pacific Ocean caused by an unprecedented strengthening of the equatorial trade winds appears to be largely responsible for the hiatus in surface warming observed over the past 13 years. ... but when those winds slow, that heat will rapidly return to the atmosphere causing an abrupt rise in global average temperatures, scientists say."