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Sambal Goreng Petai (Cooked Stink Bean Chili Sauce) Have you ever heard of petai before? Petai (parkia speciosa) has got to be the ...

Sambal Petai Udang (Spicy Prawns with Stinky Beans)_ You'll either love it or hate it. If you live in South East Asia you would have likely come across this particular bean. In Malaysia and Singapore, it is known as Petai. The botanical name for this is Parkia Speciosa. To the layman, it is known as stinky beans and it is really an acquired taste. The beans are popular in Asia, particularly Malaysia, Northern India, Indonesia and Thailand. They are sold in clusters, still in their pod,

Chilli Sambal with Petai Beans / Sambal Bajak Petai. Attention : HOT & SPICY!! This relish is made for Chilli Fans who are keen of Indonesian Sambal & Relish. Warning : Stink bean, also known as parkia speciosa, petai, peteh, bitter bean, smelly bean or twisted cluster bean is widely consumed in South East Asian countries, particularly : Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand. Though it seems oddly enough to say but I can assure you that stinky beans probably one of favourite beans in Indonesia ha…

Parkia Condiment With Anchovies or Sambal Ikan Bilis Petai

Prawn Condiment with Parkia or Sambal Udang Petai

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