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3 Print Set  Moose Jack Rabbit Owl 5 x 7 by leahduncan on Etsy, $24.00

3 Print Set - Moose, Jack Rabbit, Owl 5 x 7

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Paper Mache Art by Vanessa Cabban [doyoumindifiknit]  Mouse-1 And just to link to my last post, in which I also showed you some pages from my sketchbook, here's what happened after my last blog post. A painting based on my sketches, of the brown mouse, on a loose piece of paper I could frame if I wanted to.  Doing the painting felt like closure on the sketches, it was satisfying, and maybe a proper fitting tribute to the Brown Mouse. A proper painting, not just a page in my sketchbook.

Mouse sketches by late illustrator Vanessa Cabban.This is what you should've done with the dead mouse,instead of using it as a Barbie dog!

Henry Darger

“ Examples from iconic Chicago “outsider artist” Henry Darger c. Perhaps the best known artist of the genre, Darger has been coming up a lot lately due to his influence on.

Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler& bizarre, delicate paintings are an unsettling kind of folksy. We talked to the internationally acclaimed, Brooklyn-based artist about goats, anxiety dreams, and & work.