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5 of the Best Brain Foods! Chocolate is good for the brain ... but it has to have HIGH cocoa content.

What vegetables provide vitamin A and beta carotene which is essential for healthy eyes? Answer: Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Spinach.

How To Become A Herbalist #infographic

Pacific Rim College's Community Herbalist Certificate is a on-site program in Western Herbal Medicine, located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Meal plan synced to your period as study shows it helps you stay trim

Tackling the cycle: At some points in the month, women feel strong and able to tackle anything. At other times, the pain and lethargy is overwhelming, and the cravings soar

Using Honey as a Topical Antibiotic: The Honey Bandage — Honey is one of the more versatile foods you can store. You know it tastes good on toast and in your tea, but did you know honey also has healing properties?