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The future spouses’ next meeting occurred 5 years later, when Alexandra Fyodorovna spent a month and a half visiting her sister in Saint Petersburg. Nikolai’s parents were against their marriage. / Alexander III, his wife and their children

Xenia, Michael and Olga: Children of Tsar Alexander III of Russia, siblings of Nicholas II

Tsar Alexander III, father of Tsar Nicholas II

Princess Dagmar of Denmark upon her wedding day to Tsar Alexander III, becoming Marie Feodorovna, Empress of all the Russias, 1866.

A menu for a dinner held on the eve of the Coronation of Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna, 1883, via Flickr.

Front Row:  Empress Maria Feodorovna, Olga, Olga Alexandrovna, Alexandra Feodorovna Back: Xenia Alexandrovna, baby Princess Irina Alexandrovna, Nicholas II

Princess Dagmar of Denmark, later Maria Feodorovna, Empress of Russia & wife of Tsar Alexander III

inaugurated in 1889 by Empress Maria Feodorovna who called him "our beloved dacha in miniature". In 1891, children of Alexander and Dagmar, and Georges Nicolas, engraved their name on a window to Using a diamond ring.Tsar Nicolas II signed "Nicky". Window are still in the same place.After the death of Alexander III in 1894, the Empress Maria Feodorovna not set foot in his "dacha in miniature". On the death of the Empress in 1928, his heir the Grand Duchess Olga sold the house.

Empress Maria with George, Xenia, NicholasII