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Explore Classroom Fun, Audio Podcast and more! Michele Payn-Knoper (@mpaynknoper on twitter) sits down and talks advocacy and agriculture. Craig asks her about those online secret videos that pop-up on the news, animal hormones and how much time and care is put into the animals that live on farms nationwide. Michele can be found at Subscribe to the audio podcast at Anthony Mersino talks to Craig about "soft skills". They talk about feelings ( crying), empathy, interacting with strangers and new people. You know, things Craig has no ability to talk about. They also discuss how to become more self-aware, understanding self-confidence and being more authentic. Learn more about Anthony at Subscribe to the audio podcast at Gina Abudi (@GinaAbudi on twitter) talks to Craig about Project Management. Since Gina is the current president of the Mass Bay Project Management Institute, who better to explain about what project management is, how it can be applied to small business and how important risk management is to any project. You can learn more about Gina at her aptly named website Subscribe to the audio podcast at Stephanie Vance (@advocacyguru on Twitter) visits Craig and chats about Lobbyists. They talk about Stephanie's new book "The Influence Game ", what lobbyists actually do and how you can use their tactics (the ethical ones!) to be more influential in your own life. Stephanie can be found at and you can get her new book at Subscribe to the audio podcast at Brian Walter (@thebrianwalter on twitter) comes to Houston and sits down with Craig to talk about audience engagement. They cover sarcasm, barriers and the odds of surviving! Despite all that it's actually an engaging positive discussion that any presenter will learn from. You can find more about Brian at his self-titled website! Subscribe to the audio podcast at Alan Cerny (@NordlingAICN on twitter) joins Craig to talk Oscars. Covering the big 6 (Supporting Actress/Actor, Best Actress/Actor, Best Director and Best Picture) the duo talk why Andy Serkis deserves an award (but won't get one), who got snubbed, who should win and who will win the 2012 Academy Awards. It's movie lovers talking moives! A great way to start Season 2 of Reality Check. Subscribe to the audio podcast at The O'Shea Report (Tim and Kris O'Shea) stop by for some fun and foolishness. In the process they show us how a true partnership works; the ups, the downs, the bickering and the trust that the other person will be there, good or bad. All while Craig secretly tries to find a way in as an O'Shea Report correspondent. You can find great videos and learn more at Subscribe to the podcast at

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"Call That Safety" - This teacher makes the topic of lab safety fun! Now just try not to hear these lyrics in your head the next time you hear "Call Me Maybe!"