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Explore Classroom Fun, Audio Podcast and more! Michele Payn-Knoper (@mpaynknoper on twitter) sits down and talks advocacy and agriculture. Craig asks her about those online secret videos that pop-up on the news, animal hormones and how much time and care is put into the animals that live on farms nationwide. Michele can be found at Subscribe to the audio podcast at Anthony Mersino talks to Craig about "soft skills". They talk about feelings ( crying), empathy, interacting with strangers and new people. You know, things Craig has no ability to talk about. They also discuss how to become more self-aware, understanding self-confidence and being more authentic. Learn more about Anthony at Subscribe to the audio podcast at

Reality Check with Craig Price - Episode 87 - Mike Domitrz - Teen Dating Mike Domitrz (@DateSafeProject on twitter) joins host Craig Price to discuss Teen Dating. Mike and Craig try and help parents talk to their kids about sex, porn, dating and intimacy. Mike offers helpful tips for getting kids to talk to them about sex, mistakes parents make when giving "the talk" and clearing up some common misconceptions. Subscribe to the audio podcast at Charlotte Stallings brings her expertise to the podcast as she and Craig talk finance. They discuss accountability, control and thinking ahead when it comes to money as well as how growing up without much money can lead to two distinct paths. All that and more as Reality Check prepares for the tax man to rear his ugly head. You can find more about Charlotte at Subscribe to the podcast at

Holly Duckworth of Leadership Solutions International joins Craig on the season finale to discuss gratitude. They delve into vital issues like Craig's monkey-like handwriting, volunteering one's time, keeping an "Oprah Journal" (yeah...Craig had a hard time with the name too) as well as just figuring out some ways to better express one's gratitude. Holly can be found at (where else?!). Subscribe to the podcast at Jessica Pettitt comes to discuss Social Justice and Social Diversity as well as to get Craig to self-reflect and understand the world around him. She talks about the importance of humanizing our role models, taking accountability for social injustice in society as well as explaining to Craig the difference between Geeks, Nerds and Dorks. Learn more about Jessica at Subscribe to the podcast at LCDR Chip Lutz, USN(Ret), MSEd, CLL (whew, that's a lot of letters!) joins Craig to discuss his 22 years of service in the Navy, where he was on 9/11, how the war in the Middle East made him a single parent (not what you think!) and why a little laughter can go a long way. Learn more about Chip at and follow him on twitter @chiplutz Subscribe to the podcast at

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"Call That Safety" - This teacher makes the topic of lab safety fun! Now just try not to hear these lyrics in your head the next time you hear "Call Me Maybe!"