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So true

A man pulled a knife on me and asked, "Would you die for your friends and family?" I laughed as I pulled my gun from my pocket and said, "No, but I"d kill for them!

Any problems with that? Didn't think so.

Even if no one had guns, people could attack schools with knives, bats, and other weapons. Armed staff could deter people with any kind of weapon .

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Because “I remember a movie where only the military and the police had guns, it’s called Schindler’s List.” SUPPORT THE AMENDMENT! Support the right to defend yourself. Support your right to bear arms.

This is true.......look it up. gun "control" only means the criminals are going to be the ONLY ones with guns.

Prince George’s County Trying New Tool To Help Fight Crime

Exactly. Even if they had to sell their coats to get one, do it. They said here's two, and Jesus said that's enough. Not everyone needed one, but 1 out of every six is a ratio He approved.

Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one ~Luke God bless America! Support the Second Ammendment.

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Making Good People Helpless Won't Make Bad People Harmless - Meoso

Prepared is the only option!

"Teach your Daughter to shoot. because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.ain't that the truth. My baby girl will never learn how I did

if only our founding fathers were still here

Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends

Freedom to Bear Arms If you look back in history, governments that take away guns from their people, begin to kill their people. The more The government starts to take away the rights established in our constitution the quicker America will fall apart.

Finally someone with some brains!

You Actually Believe Criminals Will Obey Gun Control Laws. You’re a Special Kind of Stupid, Aren’t You.