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While the pic is funny, the article is about what you need to do to grow your sales

To make sure your holiday retail sales are up, you need to convert browsers to buyers;

retail sales training tips

Retail sales training techniques include knowing these 7 questions customers ask in their heads before they make a retail purchase.

Difficult customers don't set out to be difficult, its just that we expect customers to adapt to us - when it's just the opposite.

A retail sales training tip how to sell difficult customers: Driver, Amiable, Analytical, or Expressive and increase sales with personality styles.

8 Mistakes that kill your retail sales training and how to fix them.

Retail sales training mistakes are common - that's why so few retailers do it. Discover 8 mistakes and how to fix them before you train an employee.

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Shepherd tone sounds like it's rising but it's the same pitches each time!

retail sales training tips salesperson

To increase retail sales you must train your crew in the customer engagement and selling skills to create an exceptional customer experience.

Customer complaints are inevitable in Customer service, technology might fail, a overlooked issue might rear its head, there’s bound to be one problem or the othe

Words That Kill A Sale

Retail Sales Training: The 5 Words That Kill Your Sale

5 Critical Sales Questions Finally Answered

5 Critical Sales Questions Finally Answered

If you don't understand the answers to these critical questions, your sales operation may be in jeopardy.

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Master of the Grill A barbeque blast for the master of your grill! Be sure to gift him with this gourmet barbeque treat filled with all the trimmings of an outdoor feast! Give him the opportunity to demonstrate his mastery of the grill

How Can You Communicate With More Authority as a Manager?

Tips to communicate with more authority as a manager.

10 Family camping spots in Oz

Grab your tent and pack the car, summer is here and it's time to take the family camping at one of these top 10 Australian spots.