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Minik the Wonder Cat, seize (sees) the moment with inner eyes!

Minik the Wonder Cat

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!

AWWWWWWW!!!!!            ( this has nothing to do with penguins but I wanted to pin it)

We are born with such innocence that only fades as we grow to see the hardships of the world.

It's a good thing Bunnies are so cute, because in the garden they are such pests.

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Neo - the Cat who Swims in the Sea http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded=psKF9vbtyQI#

Neo the cat loves to swim in the sea at the Kungkungan Bay Resort in Indonesia. According to his owner who manages the dive resort, Neo takes a swim every two days in the ocean and gets a hot bath […]

Caught in mid shake!

Dogs mid-shake - So, this is pretty spectacular. Some of these look almost as crazy as the "Dogs Underwater" shots. Dogs and their ridiculous faces.

WTF Fun Facts - Imgur

WTF Fun Facts

WTF fun fact 993 you can buy tame foxes onlin, they cuddle like a cat but act like a dog.