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from eatLocalGrown

10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries

America home of the chemically abused!!! 10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries BIG companies use chemicals that make us sick so other BIG companies can take our money on the pretense of making us well! Capitalism at it's finest!!!!

FACT: 96% of soybeans are now genetically engineered. GMOs were not created to feed the world, they were created to sell more chemicals! #GMOs #RightToKnow #GEFood #GMFood #Soy

Milk from cows that eat GMOs is “Monsanto milk.” GMOs have not been proven safe for human consumption yet many companies like Starbucks continue to use GMO-fed dairy milk. Tell Starbucks you’re not a lab rat in three easy steps: 1. Sign our petition: 2. Post on their Facebook 3. Call up customer service 1-800-782-7282 #GMODairy #StopMonsanto

Join the global March Against Monsanto happening EVERYWHERE May 24, 2014. Visit to find an event near you! #marchMay24

from Mail Online

Alert issued on two pesticides which may damage the brains of children

Food crop pesticide kills bees. Damages children's brains. Wasn’t tested for neurotoxicity.