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Young grizzlies hitch a lift across deep water on their mother's back

Bear-back: These young cubs know how to cross a river in style - and that's to ride across it bear-back

Adopted By Aliens: The Blog of The Gibbs Sisters: Black Victorians: African Americans in Steampunk and Historical Fiction

Glasgow’s original Subway opens for business, 1896. Here, what is thought to be the Directors and some staff of the Glasgow and District Subway pose for an opening day photo. It had taken over 5 ½ years to finish two tunnels and 15 stations. Thousands of Glaswegians flocked for a chance to ride for only 1d (1 old pence). Only London and Budapest had built subway systems, so it must have been entirely new experience to almost all those riding it on opening day.

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By Tom Gardner

One-off: The astonishing porcelain Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc was made last year but it has never been seen on the road in Europe until now

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Warthog is friends with two baboon pals who love to ride around on him

Hitching a ride: Baby warthog Bangwe was taken to the centre after he and his sister got w...

The Edinburgh vaults are located under the medieval part of the city. Usually visited via a guided tour, there are plenty of ghost stories to listen to on one of these spooky journeys back in time! #EdinHour

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Fairy Tales Are Actually Scary…

"Once upon a time, and twice upon a time, and all times together as ever I heard tell of it…" Developing my interest in fairy tales by reading them, reblogging art and quotes, and occasionally posting rambling thoughts about them.

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Ride an Elephant

NO! This is a tourist practice that needs to stop! These poor elephants see taken from their families as young calfs. Beaten to obey and then used for rides, circuses and other commodities. Sad!