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On keeping a grudge: | 19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions

19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions

Sad that this is such a part of reality. Here is the bad thing, it goes the opposite way too. The popular girl becomes the teacher too.

Curly hair problems #765 - Seriously. My boyfriend tried to vacuum one time and sucked up so much hair it clogged the vacuum

How I Learned to Tame My Not-So-Perfect Curls

"Dude, I have straight hair and I've got this problem. Except its ten times worse than this." That made me laugh. It is SO much worse with curly hair.

These Memes Are Nothing But The Truth From Instagram (13 Photos)

So this one time I lost my shoes at school, (long story) so on my way home my mom said she needed to go to the store and made me go in.with no shoes. Since I couldn't walk around barefoot I had to ride in the buggy with my head down in shame

No my right eyebrow slay, it's my left that dont.

Hairstyles and Beauty: The Internet`s best hairstyles, fashion and makeup pics are here.

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I know who she is. Ugh so glad she never married.The parent trap

Im still to this day keeping my webkinz acount going. Ive had it for six years and counting...

Webkins, Disney dance alongs, scooters, and veggie tales amazing !

Tumblr - School Edition - Imgur

Tumblr - School Edition

we literally had this discussion in my math class. my teacher actually said to us that if we study math throughout college, we will eventually have to start factoring unicorns. and kids believed him.