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"Her New Friend" - Emile Munier (french painter) - No dates listed - by The Athenaeum

Pierre Auguste Cot ~ French artist, 1837-1883

Pierre-Auguste Cot: "The Last Support", Date Unknown, oil on canvas, Touchstones Rochdale Arts and Heritage Centre.

"Tricoteuse"  William-Adolphe Bouguereau

High resolution scan of the work/painting Tricoteuse - The Little Knitter 1879 by Bouguereau, William

Mother an child - Emile Munier (french painter, 1840 - 1895)

Emile Munier Mother and Child painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Emile Munier Mother and Child painting is available at custom size.

Hugues Merle (French, 1823-1881), "Hamlet and Ophelia"

Jenny of Oldstones and the Prince of Dragonflies. (Hugues Merle, Hamlet and Ophelia)

This picture is a great illustration showing the battle between Hercules and the Nemean Lion. This was one of Hercules first big battles (after killing his two sons). Hercules would then take the lion skin and head and wear it proudly. He is shown in several paintings and sculptures with this image. Peter Paul Rubens illustrates the battle between Hercules and the Nemean Lion.

The Nemean Lion

Hercules Fighting the Nemean Lion, Peter Paul Rubens: Badass work.I only wish he had painted Hercules on the cat's back, sinking in a Rear-naked instead of a Guillotine.

"The Embroidery Lesson" by Hughes Merle (1823-1881).

The Embroidery Lesson (no date) Hugues Merle The Kissed Mouth: Sunday December - Praise Ye The Lord!