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Everyone has a favorite season.... mine is WRESTLING SEASON!!

Cass High Wrestling on

Everyone has a favorite season. mine is WRESTLING SEASON! (except my son's season nearly lasts all year, which is awesome). We love wrestling!

G, I thought this would be a really cool idea for your bedroom and your MA medals!

idea to hang medals I'm doing this for my boys wrestling medals. Finally out of the closet and where people can see the sport that they love.

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Wrestling helped mold me into the man I am today. All of my aggression was taken out on my opponents. I made it all the way to semipro before I badly injured my back.

Yep. This is so true.

Wednesday weigh in="hey look big meet on Saturday/Sunday, now I don't get to eat for 3 days.

I laughed more than I should've. Best sight to see. When the men get down to wrestle, the little boys are on the courts, playing with their balls.

The sight that I adore on a basketball floor is wrestling mats from door to door!

Pain is good in terms of gaining strength. Normally i would disagree with this because pain to me is weakness but its really not.

The Pain you Feel Today will be the Strenght you feel tomorrow- and it is not just aobut sport, this applies in life, business, relationships, everywhere!