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Amazing Interiors with Beautiful Natural Light

Pale blue workspace inspiration

My heart's desire? To see The Grace Letters become a full time ministry. Watching God put all the pieces together, shifting things in me I thought were immovable, changing circumstances I thought were permanent- what can I say, it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. He is personally invested in us. That blows my mind! With every Hipster Housewife purchase you guys are helping me to further His Kingdom work. A coupon code doesn't really cover my gratitude, but it's a start! Use the code…

Hipster Housewife Goes Hard -- Honey to lighten hair (will it work if my hair is already kinda light? Want full-spectrum)

Hipster Housewife Goes Hard: DIY Sugar Wax Hair Removal Add 1 tsp of honey to 2 tsp of brown sugar.Add a little drop of oil to your measuring spoon before you put the honey in it and it will come out smooth. Microwave on high for 30 seconds and let it cool for 5 minutes... by kelli