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Organic standards forbid the continuous confinement of beef cattle on feedlots. Feedlots can only be used for temporary situations like the non-grazing season. To be considered organic the living situation of a cow must be like that of the cow’s natural environment.

Conventional vs. Organic Beef

5 Reasons to Eat More Beef Tallow (and an easy recipe) - Grass Fed Girl, LLC

Organic Living Journey: Buying a Cow--for meat

Organic Living Journey: Buying a Cow

great information about how to buy a cow instead of buying organic beef at the grocery store

The journey home

A photograph of us leading the herd home was also named: ❦ "Lead em home" - Homestead Photo by Irene McDermott - Equine Photography Network.

Raising Cattle on Your Own Place. Excellent article from Backwoods Home Magazine.

These hardy beef calves are a hereford-angus cross. They make an excellent beef cow.

Where To Find Healthy Lunch Meats - a great guide to ensuring your lunch isn't filled with yucky additives or chemicals!

Tired of so-called "natural" and "organic" lunch meats that are anything but? Consider this your guide to finding healthy lunch meats from grass-fed, pasture-raised, or wild animals. I haven't read this yet but thought about you when I saw it

Raising Your Own Grass Fed Beef Podcast Learn tips and what to expect when raising your own beef. Plus, how to raise your own beef without owning land!

Raising Your Own Grass Fed Beef Podcast episode Learn how to get started raising your own grass fed beef, tips, amount of pasture per animal, and how to raise beef without your own property.