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Military uniforms. PHS wears mostly Navy uniforms, but our "battle dress" is the blue Coast Guard uniform pictured above.

The United States Military: Soldier = Army, Sailor = Navy, Airman = Airforce, Coastguardsman = Coastguard, and Marine = Marine Corps

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Once a soldier, Always a soldier. God bless our troops. Thank a soldier, whether a veteran or active service member, because we have them to thank for all that we are and have. For keeping this country safe and free.

grunt style

Obama has added more to national debt than the previous 43 presidents combined, chain e-mail states

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Stand behind the troops. God Bless the military men and women and their families! Thank goodness for all my relatives who serve in the armed forces!

Respect to all veterans. Goes along way.  God bless our veterans

We're not against the soldiers, we're against the war . respect and support all veterans, old and young.

Bless this soldier & his family. God Bless them all

A military father holding his newborn daughter for the first time. I can't even stand it, it's so precious!


John Wayne reads the poem "Why Are You Marching Son" in this tribute video to all the men and women who have served in the armed forces and especially those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Wake up, America! Get your damn priorities straight! Guns don't kill people, people with no value for life kill people!

*Disclaimer: No matter which political party, the facts remain* Wake up, America! Get your priorities straight! Guns don't kill people, people with no value for life kill people. Regardless of what stage that life is.