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He such a damn cute i love him

Haha true story>>> but I feel bad for justin! And his fans imagine if It was one of are:( we'd be pretty sad so let's be nice to justin and his fans:) sweet harry :)

I didn't know weather to put this on funny or one direction so it's on random. Ik no one cares but idc what u think

I love the song Olivia so much. Does anyone know who Olivia is?<< it's no one he just wanted it to rhyme with "live for ya"

This fandom ...<<<< this is one of the best edits I have ever seen!

And here we see the excluding Harry dancing like a Mexican

Amen.<<excuse me but I love his jokes

love all of him, from his incredible success to his little flaws. I don't just love him because hes in One Direction, I love him for the amazing and caring person that he is. I'm in love with him, and all his little things

Harry if you need help I'm here, just call me

// The dog he had was Boo the World's Cutest Dog. I love that dog. When I saw him with Harry I like fell over and died. I bet he will be the perfect father one day :)

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We all know the winner. Repost for Harry like for Nash. I love both but sorry Nash, Harry wins

Harry Styles