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everyone parts with everything eventualy, my dear. -King Time (Alice through the looking glass)

Another pinner says;-Same interior as a Transit Camper (but in much better condition.) - 1978 classic austin morris sherpa camper van hippy festival live in motor home

☮ American Hippie Bohéme Boho Lifestyle ☮ School Bus conversion

In thisArticle You will find many example and ideas from other camper van and motor homes.

best friends

Hippie vibes with a vw camper van, perfect glamping for any festival.

Converted Bus to Camper | Let's Go Camping

I wanna live in a bus! Living in a Bus - Downsizing your life - Living simple - Living healthy - Enjoying your family - read about how to do it and with lots of examples!


Clunky Old School Bus Converted into a Sweet Earthy Home With a Wood-fired Stove

this would be awesome because buying a bus and paying for gas would be way cheaper than buying an actual house and you can live where ever the heck you want

Bharat Sikka

Fashion Series by Bharat Sikka

lets build a love fort and eat mangos for breakfast and fish tacos at night. lets decorate it with paper hearts and live there forever.

Interior horse drawn Roman carriage caravan.

Horse-drawn Romany Caravan (restored) Natural light by photofervor images

Hippy style

Dream Catcher - BBC Boracay says: Every true VW Van fan is also a Hippie by heart, a Gypsy Queen or BoHo Prince. Get your very own Dream Catcher - Its more Fun in a VW Van.