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nice Yoga at 7th chakra

Trust in the One, the True God, the Source. -"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

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The countdown for the Second International Yoga Day has begun. Everybody is excited for the 2016 yoga day and wondering what would be new this year.

Meditation hand positions - http://yogaposes8.com/meditation-hand-positions.html

The more i study, the more I expand on all levels. Mudras, how different hand positions are used in meditation. Chelle, look at the hand position, Hakini Mudra.natural hand position while talking to improve concentration.


Studies have shown that meditation has incredible effects on the body, including lowering oxygen consumption, increasing brain wave coherence. Here are 20 tips for quieting the mind from Zen Habits:

Kriya yoga meditation technique for FLOWERS usually pedicellate, rarely sessile, exserted or included in the spathes, fugacious or lasting as long as days, often blue or yellow, also other colors, mostly more or less Ms-like with clawed tepals, usually only outer with nectar guides, sometimes sweetly or unpleasantly scented, often with nectar from perigonal nectaries …

Are you looking for an yoga technique which helps both your body and soul. Then, you should explore Kriya yoga techniques for Meditation.

nice Yoga poses for 4th chakra

In response to requests I received after publication of my earlier article on how to unblock your chakras through a writing exercise, I've compiled seven yoga poses which can also bring balance to

Yoga postures for 6th chakra - http://yogaposes8.com/yoga-postures-for-6th-chakra.html

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