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I hope the man I marry is somewhat like Robin Williams. In that he can make me laugh, isn't concerned with what other people think, has a warm, tenderhearted side, yet still a wild, unhindered sense of insane adventure. I just want a man with his diversity. -Kait.

Taili Song Roth USA "Clint Eastwood: On Shooting" Gunslinging actor and legendary director, Clint Eastwood, makes a single gesture that illustrates the two roles that made him famous.

RW - Norman was the kind of asshole who listened to his bros as the intellectual equals and looked toward women as a set of breasts. Truth be told, not many people, men and women alike, could match his intellectual prowess, so he did get a lot of women. And a lot of them did seem stupid compared to him.

"I wrote little haiku poems. I emailed them to everyone." This picture is so symbolic of the climax of Fight Club.

rastaproul (courtesy of @Pinstamatic