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Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Retro-View: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

the mind : a simple tool for dissection – a deadly way in facing this Miracle of Life

And then, in the end, Hinny shippers get the big bucks. Married AND three kids.

McGonagall was a Harmony shipper! You will never convince me otherwise!

That girl is a genius. John Green is genius. The fault in our stars is genius. Had to put that out there.

I've always been afraid of funerals. I would rather go to school as a little girl than to my great-granny's funeral. I always felt distant towards them. This quote feels really like what I feel.

Disobeying her mother's wishes, Charlotte literally skated on thin ice. Falling through the crack beneath her feet she paid the ultimate price. So next time you don't listen to your parents, think of the dreadful sight, of poor little frozen Charlotte, rotting in the lonely cold winter's night.

Frozen Charlotte

Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Series 12 Frozen Charlotte by Mezco Toyz

Physicist Nïköla Tesla (1856-1943), best-known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, stated, 'All people everywhere should have free energy sources; electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities, and can drive the world's machinery without the need for coal, oil, or gas.' After Tesla's death, all of his notes, inventions, ideas, discoveries, were stolen - and are still widely utilised - without giving him credit.

True In Any Time, Sadly

Just standing there in the midday sunlight.  It was such a strange sight—all these dead standing there like statues.  No…that wasn’t it.  They were like gravestones, using their own flesh to mark where they had died and where they would spend eternity.  Not buried in a box but trapped in decaying tissue that could move, that would hunt and attack, but that, in the absence of something to attract it, would remain in place forever.  The thought was as horrible as it was sad.  Suddenly, Benny…

A scene from the classic 1968 George Romero film, "Night of the Living Dead." Night of the Living Dead aka Night of Anubis aka Night of the Flesh Eaters Directed by George A. Romero Shown: Zombies

Illustration - man of throne with dead bodies around - Jason Chan

Digital Art by Jason Chan

King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. A brilliant book with one of the best anti-heroes I've read.

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Mom, I miss you and your laugh even more than i thought i would but i hope you are dancing all over heaven. :) you are forever in my heart love love quotes quotes quote miss you sad death loss sad quote family quotes in memory