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Mexican Anil Balls are often used in luck and cleansing. I use them in floor washes to cleanse and purify your home. Perfect for any purification. You will receive 6 balls in the pictures. Please notice they vary in size. $3.25

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Handmade Cascarilla powder: Eggshell powder, metaphysical, conjure,spiritual supply

This is HANDMADE from eggshells and can be used for protection or to draw veves. This has many uses: Sprinkle some on one head to remve negative influences. Sprinkle around ones home or business for protection Draw sigils and veve symbols Used to draw or paint ones body during a ritual. Cleansing one's space. Break one up in a gallon of water to use as a cleansing floor wash. You will receive 2 cups of the powdered cascarilla. Sold as curio. © FrontPorchConjure™ $2.00

You will receive 5 peacock feathers. They are aprox. 8-10" long. Would be perfect for any spirit bottle or dolls. Oshun's number is 5 who is often associated with peacocks. Each feather varies in size aprox. 1/4" inch give or take. No feather is exactly alike. The feathers you will receive are the ones in the photos. $4.00

High John the Conqueror Root, one of the staples of hoodoo magick. Legend has it that it was named after an African king who was sold into slavery but able to outsmart his captors through his clevernessSpiritual: Gambling Luck. Money, love, success, & happiness. Carry in your pocket to over power others. Reverses hexes. Carry in a red bag to stop confusion. Male, Mars, Fire.

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Chicken Feet, Hoodoo,Voodoo,Rootwork,Protection Charm,Metaphysical,Wicca, Taxidermy, Mummified Chicken

These are mummified chicken feet that have been placed in a "chicken feet sandwich" ( Salt on the bottom + chicken feet + salt mixed with protective herbs on top). These are 100% natural. They have not been painted or varnished. They can be used in mojo bags or as protection charms (chickens scratch things out). You will receive 1 dried chicken foot. Each one varies in size in shape. © FrontPorchConjure™ 2012-2013 $3.25

Herbal Candles Here is an e-how video on how to make hand-dipped candles. Just add the herbs:

This is an absolutely beautiful hand blown witch ball/sun catcher with hues of cobalt blue, orange, green and yellow. Reminds me of colors you would see in a peacock. Would be perfect in the kitchen window, hanging from a front porch or for any home. It is aprox. 8" tall and 4 1/2" wide and shaped like a teardrop. $30.00

War Water is traditional foot track magic at it's best. A combination of swampy iron water, tangled spanish moss, a rusty iron nail, and vile ingredients in a glass bottle.