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Ugh, why did Dean have to become a demon, though? Now, it's going to be even harder to wait until October for the next season.

"Supernatural is a master of two things. foreshadowing like three seasons before anything happens plot abysses.

"Lucifer, youre my brother, and I love you.... but youre a giant sack of dicks."  I loved Gabriel. xD They should bring him back.

"Lucifer, youre my brother, and I love you. but youre a great big bag of dicks." I love Gabriel. GABRIEL SHALL LIVE!

wink to my heart!

Slash Fiction - Leviathan Dean giving the camera a wink<<<< leviathan or not that is UNBELIEVEBLY attractive. Dang you Jensen and your beautifulness!

"Cough cough  destiel cough"

I personally think Sam is like "Oh shit, what do I do?" And then Dean comes in for the rescue as he does.<< More like actual worried boyfriend Dean. And Cas just accepts it and leans his way instead.