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Being a Meme Makes My Life Complete Necklace -- Attach it to your key chain, wallet, purse, hang it on your rear view mirror. *****There are endless possibilities for showing off your pendant.

It's Scarlett O'Hara in her drapery dress!  "Oh, Rhett!  Whatever shall I do?  Wherever shall I go??"

I find it amazing as a pug owner myself what we will do to get our pug laugh. I dress my pugs too.

14 Reasons Pugs Are The Ultimate Experts In Summer Living

14 reasons pugs are the ultimate experts in summer living - FunSubstance

Pug Shaming

Pug Shaming

I have an all black pug, and nice to know that he's just living a regular cause I'm concerned at times -- Pug Shaming. Some of these are hilarious. The "I only know one position" thing must be a pug trait.

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This is so true! My pug and I have an open door policy, bathroom included

Precious Pugs Painting showing 28 pugs in by Whimsicalpooches, £9.99

Precious Pugs Painting showing 28 pugs in total

True! HAHAHAHA just looking at him would make you happy. Must name him Frank

To get a pug and name her Cinnamon Roll,because if you have noticed a pug's tail curves twice and in my opinion makes the shape of a (n) Cinnamon roll.

Pitbull love necklace

Pit bull necklace, tiny sterling silver hand cut necklace and pendant

The Pit bull - loving and strong! This small necklace represents the sweet dog that so many love. Each piece is cut with a jewelers saw

Photo of how to assemble the free dog coat pattern pieces - Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Free Coat Pattern to Keep Your Doggie Dry and Warm