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Fujifilm X30

Fujifilm’s New Compact Camera Gains A Real Time Viewfinder, Second Lens Control Ring

Fujifilm X30 review

Fujifilm X30 review

The has the same lens, sensor and processing engine as the but adds an EVF and tilting screen.

fujifilm x30

Fujifilm X30 Digital Camera Review

Fujifilm knocks it out of the park with its new advanced compact point and shoot. This digital camera has a retro appeal, with modern accoutrements.

Fujifilm Digital Camera with mm II Lens - Silver. FUJIFILM SILVER + Enhanced X-T design with compact magnesium body, lightweight and compact for comfortable shooting.


Fujifilm X30

Fujifilm advanced compact camera gains an EVF, tilting display

Fujifilm X30 with wifi, articulated screen, EVF, ring on lens

Fujifilm Enthusiast Compact Camera: With more photographers, enthusiasts and professionals alike, in the market for a compact, pocket-friendly camera that doesn’t sacrifice quality, Fuji.

Fujifilm數位相機 - 慢拍樂活新境界:Fujifilm X30試用報告 - 相機討論區 - Mobile01

Fujifilm數位相機 - 慢拍樂活新境界:Fujifilm X30試用報告 - 相機討論區 - Mobile01

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