Florida State Seal Plaque: The seal features a Seminole Native American woman spreading flowers in the foreground, a sabal palm, which is the Florida State Tree, along a shoreline. In the background there is a steamboat set against the sun on the horizon with rays of sunlight extending into the sky.

All the 50 States and all Territories Are Available The Great Seal of the State of Florida plaque These solid mahogany wall plaques show the US States seals.

North Dakota state seal - click to see all state seals

and saw a North Dakota license plate//North Dakota State Seal

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The Top 20 Must See Places In Florida

The Top 20 Must See Places In Florida

Picture of Seal of American state of Florida; isolated on whiite background.



State Quarter - pick a quarter pick a place to start a new life

West Virginia State Quarter coin ring Made to order sizes to 14 by Custom coin rings

Florida Crackers

For those who wonder what the term "cracker" really means. How Florida Crackers got the name.

US Minted quarter for New Jersey   "You don't just walk into Jersey!" (RM)

Released on May this is the coin released in the 50 State® Quarter Program. New Jersey, admitted into the Union on December themed the coin, Crossroads of the Revolution. It highlights, General George Washington crossing the Delaware River.

The Ohio State Quarter.  We welcomed our first LullaBaby from the State of Ohio in August 2013.  The family chose Soft Blankets for their Baby's First Soundtrack®. Sample this music from our blogpost http://lullabeats.com/soft-blankets/

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Thomas Hayward Renews License in Illinois!

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eagle at the bottom, scroll in beak inscribed REgnat Populus, bundle of arrows in 1 claw olive branch in other; shield covering its breast, with a steamboat at top, beehive & plow in middle, sheaf of wheat at bottom; Goddess of Liberty at tip, holding wreath in right hand, pole in left,with a liberty cap, circled by stars outside of which is a circle of rays; the figure of an angel on left, inscribed Mercy a sword on the right, inscribed Justice surrounded by Seal of the State of Arkansas.

Great seal of Arkansas The great seal of Arkansas is based on the territorial seal designed by Samuel Calhoun Roane. The seal design was altered in 1836 when Arkansas became a state.