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You must not reduce yourself to a puddle just because the person you like is afraid to swim and you are a fierce sea to them; because there will be someone who was born with love of the waves within.

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Love this ❤

I think she's special. She doesn't need anyone. Like that's the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn't really belong to me. She doesn't belong to anything. She's off in her own world. - Childish Gambino this is me to a T

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"she was a afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying" - atticus sometimes the most difficult part is just taking the first step


That's all she ever wanted; for everyone around her to embrace their storms and fall in love with their own violent winds.

And when will I meet that someone?

someday someone wont be afraid of how much you love. they won't stay on the shore, they will meet you in the depths ♡