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Actor Michael Landon is probably best known (depending on your age) as a son on "Bonanza" or the dad on "Little House on the Prairie", or "Highway to Heaven".

When Amélie's parents are shot the me. Rip out the chips, the veins attached to the heart swimming from the chip that was pulled out of their arms. And when Blake is shot ( it was a clean shot went straight through but left a scar) they discover he has not chip. But by then Amélie's already gone, she believes he's dead.

♡ My Heart Is With You Always. Today is your eight months anniversary Mom. The days turned to weeks, then months. Each one bringing more sadness and still even more tears, such that I did not know my body could hold. I tried so hard for these eight months. I miss you Mom, I've never known such heartache. When Dad died, we had each other, now I have no one. I love you Mom, xox 29th August 2014 ♡