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Happy birthday funny comic joke- now that's a little Disney humor for you!

Why Charles Vane of 'Black Sails' Is TV's Most Unlikely Honorable Character | Inverse

Why Charles Vane of 'Black Sails' Is TV's Most Unlikely Honorable Character…

Disney Alphabet

Fun way to teach kids the alphabet

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Awww, they both have wedding rings. You usually don't ever see their wedding rings! -- The Princess and the Frog, Disney

You know it's going to be a good movie when all the actors have been on Broadway <3

Frozen Voice Cast - all those broadway stars make me want to see it now

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Map of disney movies- why can't there be a Canadian Disney Princess?

Be Unexpectedly Romantic - But not as unexpected as Stitch, in a Hawaiian shirt, holding a rose. That’s a little too much.

How to Spend a Summer Day with Lilo & Stitch

13 Reasons Lilo And Stitch Are The Most Underrated Disney Duo


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I'm actually watching mean girls right now!

Mean Girls Disney princesses style, this one reallly made me laugh! My, younger, son burst out laughing when I showed him this.

The magic voices of the princess

the voice actresses of the disney princesses. nice to put a face to the voice.