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star war hats

Screwball Ice-cream

Anyone remember these? £1.20 for one of these with my ice cream chap I was robbed!

British. A Careless talk poster, illustrated with civilian and armed forces headgear, with the slogan ‘The more information you keep under your hat' (trilby hat) and the caption ‘the safer he'll be under his' (steel helmet). As with many Careless talk posters, the images focus on the head area, indicating whatever knowledge was contained in the head, it should be kept there.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior's New Look, 1947. As a reaction to the rationing of World War II the new look, using many metres of fabric, came into fashion. It was a return to the classic feminine shape, emphasising the bust and hips, with a tiny waist. I love how glamorous this looks with the tiny jacket and voluminous skirt.

1940's - Children being evacuated from London. Tagged like parcels, these children were on their way to be moved to the country as it was considered safer than the cities in wartime Britain. Many were sent to Australia too - such hard times!

Star Wars hero Poe Dameron: is Disney brave enough to make him gay?

It's an opportunity almost any actor would leap across the Great Pit of Carkoon at. But Oscar Isaac has revealed he was hesitant about accepting a role in The Force Awakens.

How a teenage Audrey Hepburn escaped a Nazi brothel... and other intriguing stories of how those who went on to become famous survived the last dreadful days of the war

1940s Wartime Dresses Knitting Patterns - Sun-Glo Knitting Book Series 50

Truly stunning 28 page Australian Sun-Glo knitting book from the 1940s for knitted dresses. Undated but clearly from World War II era as there is a blurb on page 2 about most of their wool being requisitioned for the Defence Department. Full of gorgeous forties fashion photos showing off the hairstyles and accessories of the era. One model is even posed in front of a sand-bagged building! Contains the following patterns: *2448 - A dainty frock to wear from noon till late curfew…

Aglae. From the exhibition "Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion". Lancaster-Barreto collection.Coat: Camel wool in natural colour. Silk organza collar, pipping and buttons. Pluche de some, imitating fur, France, circa 1808. Mechlin collar lace. Great example of the influence of Napoleon's peninsular war, the troubadour painting and the romanticism. "Manches a la espagnole" Cameo: seashell, enamel, gold. France, first quart of the XIX century. Bag: Marrocain leather, France, circa 1804.