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Following Directions Grid Game

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Musical Feelings game with FREE download for Feelings Folder - very cute!!!!

Musical Feelings Game

Hide and Seek - Free Critical Thinking Worksheet for Kids

I would additionally use this cardinal direction worksheet in my unit to assess students knowledge of their directions.

good worksheet to use for self exploration in kids

Start off the new school year with these community building activities. Fantastic for getting to know your students and their families--the foundation for all future learning in your classroom!

Map Skills! Perfect for listening to and following directions!

April NO PREP Packet (Kindergarten)

This worksheet would be perfect for Kindergarten or grade students who are learning about maps. I also like how it integrates coloring into the lesson to provide for reflection as they color and match colors with the question.

Follow Directions- Read the directions and add the details to the map. Fun activity to get students familiar with how a map works while teaching them how to follow directions! Perfect for the beginning of the 2nd grade school year!

Kindergarten Standard: Terms related to direction and distance, as well as symbols and landmarks, can be used to talk about the relative location of familiar places.