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1989 <3

Taylor Swift 1989 Song List / Collage "Welcome to New York" "Blank Space" "Style" "Out of the Woods" "All You Had to Do Was Stay"

Taylor Swift - Speak Now, Song List / Collage   1.	"Mine"  	 2.	"Sparks Fly"   3.	"Back to December"  	 4.	"Speak Now"  	 5.	"Dear John"  	 6.	"Mean"  	 7.	"The Story of Us"  	 8.	"Never Grow Up"  	 9.	"Enchanted"  	 10.	"Better Than Revenge"  	 11.	"Innocent"  	 12.	"Haunted"  	 13.	"Last Kiss"  	 14.	"Long Live"   15.    "Ours" 16.    "Superman"

Taylor Swift - Speak Now, Song List / Collage "Mine" "Sparks Fly" "Back to December" "Speak Now" "Dear John" "Mean" "The Story of Us" "Never Grow Up" "Enchanted" "Better Than Revenge" "Innocent" "Haunted" "Last Kiss" "Long Live" "Ours" "Superman"

SO DONT EVER TELL ME THAT SHES NOT IMPORTANT. She's a role model for young girls everywhere and she has proven that women can do great things!

Taylor Swift slaying since 1989 I am so proud of this woman and her incredible abilities.

Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry. The Queen. Haters gonna hate. Argue with that.

Taylor Swift This has to prove to the haters that she IS talented, amazing, and a great artist and singer!

I checked off 31 out of 56 on this list! Are You Taylor Swift? I'm Taylor swift is queen

Are You Taylor Swift?

""You are basically Taylor Swift. Whenever you walk into a room people are like, “Lol, I thought that was Taylor Swift.” It’s truly uncanny. You are pretty much a queen." I checked off 37 out of 56 on this list! Are You Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift.

Who made Taylor Swift’s tan handbag, boat sleeve top, and flare skirt that she wore in London? Purse – Prada Shirt and skirt – Guess

- Taylor Swift :)

I have loved Taylor swift since she hit it off with her Fearless and Speak Now album she inspired me to musical art and is so creative