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This one took 40 minutes in my science notebook :p Credit to @MckenzieGirl99

Nico di angelo is my babby along with leo btw, original drawing credits of the original picture is viria's. I just wanted to redraw it :) credits @bangbangg

line less art is my new favourite thing !! | credit: @rohinicupcake

I really love the waves, and i think i might do another page where its snaller waves, and its all different colors that bled together. @bangbangg for credits

i haven't referred to burdge's drawings for my art in FOREVER wow | credit: @rohinicupcake

@KurenaiVocaloid sorry. Like I said I'm not to great at guys but what do ya think so far? Any suggestions? (If you would like to repin, please give credit)

sorry for all the mediocre stickers but making these are so much fun | credit: @rohinicupcake

this is a free hand drawing and it's actually super neat? (that never happens) | credit: @rohinicupcake