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There are lots of different regions producing their own speciality wines across Portugal, each using its location and the unique conditions of its region to make a unique wine. It is useful then to know where the different wine producing regions are. We have taken what we know about regional Portugal and made this map for you, so next time you wonder where that Portuguese Pinot noir actually comes from you know exactly where to look!

Scotch egg pie

Two picnic classics come together in this pastry pie, filled with sausagemeat and eggs - ideal for wrapping up and eating outside

Andy's coming!

Andys coming! Aparently they don't do this anymore, they just freeze instead, but what a great idea anyway :)

Arria Statue, Cumbernauld - Glasgow. Nicknamed the "Angel of the Nauld" (Angel of the North), this steel sculpture was created by artist Andy Scott and overlooks the North bound carriageway of the M80 north of Auchenkilns. The "Angel Of The Nauld" takes the form of a female figure, with two large swooping arcs from the upraised palms of her hands to the hem of her dress. The idea of the arcs comes from the Gaelic name for Cumbernauld, “comar nan allt”, which translates as “the meeting of the…

WHAT<<< ok ok I'm 95% positive that it's been said that Toy Story takes place BEFORE Inside Out (even with the Pixar Theory) so this might not be real BUT the Pixar Theory HAS MENTIONED TIME TRAVEL so idk…<<<o.O

Man discovers trick to get cheap rail fares - but sadly, you have to do THIS

Britain's train ticket system bamboozles many of us, and one mathematician has proved just how hard it can be to find the cheapest way of getting from A to B. Andy Horton, 22, spent an hour trying to calculate the cheapest way of travelling from his home in Hampshire to his 23-year-old girlfriend Lucinda in Devon. And the time he spent paid off after he made a £32.15 saving on the normal full price of £69.65, with his trip coming in at £37.50 thanks to 'splitting' his ticket. This legal…