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Curved Rows of Lavender near the Village of Sault, Provence, France. Love the way the purple of the lavender and the grey of the clouds work together. makes the purple stand out.

Sunset on a frozen Flathead Lake. Polson, Montana

Sunset on a frozen Flathead Lake. Polson, Montana - my late Brother lies here. He was a true mountain man and loved the outdoors.

Flathead Lake, Montana. Even this picture doesn't do it justice!  Breathtaking! 7-20-13

Montana Road Trip in Flathead Indian Country

Flathead Lake, Montana - the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Love the town of Big Fork, Montana

Flathead Lake Polson Mt

Flathead Lake Polson Mt

our idea of drag strips, races between cars, pick up trucks and yes, even TRACTORS! ha ha!  ok, well, there's always horse racing too for the old schoolers.  ;-)

Montana I've wanted to visit Montana since I read Montana Sky, by Nora Roberts Montana 605