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We're Going To Mars This Weekend; Here's What It Looks Like

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It is not new, but still beautiful. A dramatic view of Phobos (one of the moons of Mars) and its Stickney crater acquired by HiRES in March 2008.

▶ 10 Amazing Facts About The Planet Mars - YouTube. This video illustrates some of the more overlooked points about Mars which are also some of the most interesting.

The planet Mars, also called the ‘Red Planet,’ is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere and surface features similar to Earth.

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How to Watch the Mars Close-Up This Weekend

the Mars Close-Up

Solar System Montage This is a montage of images taken by spacecraft. Included are (from top to bottom) Mercury, Venus, Earth (and Moon), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Image Credit: NASA/JPL

Flyover of the Red Planet - ESA | Digital topographical model created from the data and images gathered by the Mars Express mission.