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Wash and clean an empty wet wipe container. Re-use as a holder for small garbage bags, it is handy and very useful. You can even decorate it.

Turn a old plastic milk jug into a perfect watering can for your plants and flowers. Simply poke several small holes into the lid and fill jug with water.

Rather than throwing out coffee-mate containers or sending them to be recycled (which still uses a lot of energy) peel off their labels and reuse them to store things like chocolate chips, gold fish or any other tiny items.

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Cut of the top of a plastic bottle, thread a opened plastic package through, such as chocolate chips, once the plastic package is sticking out of the top of the bottle fold the rest of the package over it and screw the cap on to seal it shut.

Take a plastic jug and cut the top of handle so that it detaches from top of the jug. Cut from bottom of handle in the shape of an iron or square shovel depending on your jug size – all the way to the bottom, you will be left with a mini dustpan.