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Lime green and blue colored feather. It was done in Sin Perdón Tattoo Studio, Madrid, Spain.

Large/Extra Large sexy PEACOCK FEATHER TATTOO  tights / stockings full length pantyhose Deep Mocha. $23.00, via Etsy.

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beautiful owl tattoo!

This is awesome! My next tattoo is gonna be an owl! I'm obsessed with owls!

dreamcatcher tat

I want a dream catcher with the birds breaking off like this. But the birds going towards my hip under my stomach. And a better looking dream catcher

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Tattoos function much the same as peacock feathers, they get a point across in the most beautiful manner possible. A Peacock feather tattoo is thought to.



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The feather & it's colours are lush, wouldn't place it there tho. Peacock feather calf-thigh tattoo.

Love this. the outer beauty of a peacock feather shows the inner beauty of a person wearing it as a tattoo. People with peacock feather tattoos are believed to be good, honest, kind, patient and always optimistic about life. Love these colors

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101 Adorable Feather Tattoo Ideas For Women

Placement and feather. I would have a peacock feather tho! (small-Feather-Tattoo-Designs-for-girl-on-chest.