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from e.a. deverell

Write a Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

This #writing worksheet will help you brainstorm some ideas on how best to write a scene so that it fits in with the other scenes.

from CUFARUL MONICAI handmade by mone

Intrebarea Zilei

You don't, and that's the truth. You can give as many excuses as you like. 'I'm being a hero!' 'I'm saving so many lives!' But, in the end, you had to make the decision as to whether or not someone will live, and you will choose wrong every time. Because, you see, there is no right answer. -Dark Meetings

Or you decide not to push it, then wake up the next day to find that the world is completely different.

LISTEN UP NERDS. :D (and also finally an idea bout vampires that DOESN'T include supernatural romance)

✐ Daily Weird Prompt ✐Within The Dream I'm not exactly using the whole prompt. Remember, you can change the prompt and take whatever inspiration from it you like!

from darktea

15 different types of journals to keep

A journal does not need to be a daily record starting on 1st January, here are some ideas for the different types of journals you can keep

We all know those tired clichés. It’s time to kill them. Take one of them and turn them on their heads or at least these will hopefully keep the errors out of your writing. If you think of any other way to change them up go right ahead. Happy...