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#OnlineLearning makes education more attainable and provides students with control of how they learn.

How the Heck Do You Use MailChimp? A Full Tutorial (With Video!) For Sending Your First Newsletter

How the Heck Do You Use MailChimp? A Full Tutorial (With Video!) For Sending Your First Newsletter | Want to rock your first newsletter but have NO idea how to get started? This Mailchimp tutorial includes EVERYTHING you need to know to get started and is perfect for bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to up-level their online presence. Holla!

Investing: The Last Liberal Art

"Investing is a brisk and engaging read, and it is a pleasure to be in the presence of Hagstrom's agile mind. But while Hagstrom's model of the market as a complex, irrational and ultimately human emanation is provocative, the book is most successful as an educational manifesto." — Praise for the first edition, New York Times

When our minute egos try to take on an energetic presence as large as a planet we inevitably fail. We learn to submit to powers far greater than what we may understand or know and open to the possibility that we might not have it all quite figured out just yet. The planets become great allies to our growth when we begin to understand our place in the universe and when we learn to work with the power they have. Or they make absolutely sure that we feel the effect of their mighty power…

The iRobot Ava 500 Telepresence Robot has been designed to offer a whole new level of telepresence to the enterprise market, say iRobot and enables users to enjoy video communication plus a physical presence through complete freedom of movement. | via Geeky Gadgets

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