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Sri and Kira, The best in alternative radio for over 9 years!” “Forget boring talk radio. Sri and kira are fresh, funny, Informative and timely!

Be you're own person ; set yourself apart. See things your way .. love whichever way you wish to


Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life

Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life |

My Picture Quotes | Rachel Wolchin | What You Missed While Blinking

Books are cheaper than holidays and better than therapy. And you don't need to leave town or make an appointment.

Good God Almighty...AMEN. Hahaha. Seriously though. It's exhausting. Why are people so intrigued with gossip? It's so boring to me. Don't they have anything better to do with their day? Their PRECIOUS TIME?...than to sit around and talk/gossip about other people? Mind your business, ladies. I'm turning off my phone, girls. I don't want to hear the latest "news" if it's anything catty. High school is loooong gone. ;)

"What if the dude who invented deodorant never said, 'You know, maybe we don't have to smell like ponies'?" Kid President Has a Dream! - YouTube

Have you ever just watched the phone ring because you don't want to talk to…