So true.

So true.

And we can tell who those three will be... *cough Percy, Jason, and Nico cough*

Wait, but there are three Roman demigods and four Greek demigods. The Romans are safe, but what about the Greeks?<<<Oh no Percabeth must survive!

Leo, je wordt bedankt, ik ben een van je Nederlandse fangirls

Why would Leo be scared of Dutch accents? I AM DUTCH! I'm feeling hurt now :(-- This is hilarious.----I love Leo so much.

Ah yes the son of the sea god preforming in a modern tradition based off an ancient one to please his father's side of the family. How wonderful. The he too is an Olympian like his father before him

Percy participating in the Olympic Games and winning tons of gold medals and he even beats Michael Phelps (but what if he's also a son of Poseidon? Just imagine.

i didn't know i needed this until now

Yes😍 Like them being super awesome in battle and serious situations. But then when they're alone and even with Artemis they have all this girl talk and playful banter 😂