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I love EVERYTHING about my boyfriend! His lips. His smile. His hair. His smell. His style. His character. Him.

Well pretty much the same things that goes through a girls mind. As a boy with a crush on a fellow classmate I should know.

I want to know what goes thought a boys mind when he starts falling for a girl


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So true, I'm ugly in my eyes but what about in your eyes

Do you ever think I'm funny, or beautiful? Do you ever feel the way I feel about you, and wonder why?

when you want someone you can't have - Google Search

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"I just want to make you happy. Because you’re the reason that I’m so happy." Enjoy the best quotes about love, happiness and relationships right here!

I want you to know that what ever you decide to do I'm right behind you like I always I'm. I love you and you are what's important nothing else everything else we can work out and build togetherxxx