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Shirley Temple ,Gary Cooper & Carole Lombard three great ones!(so had a crush on Shirley Temple when I was a kid, not realizing she was an adult by then...sigh, then again I crushed on Tinkerbell, and a Nun that flew...what a messed up and delightful childhood).

The Flash - Barry and Caitlin #1.5 #Season1 #Snowbarry ♥

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Supernatural Hunter's Bag

OMG! Supernatural Hunter's Bag ~ Supernatural ~ by GeekStreetEmporium on Etsy

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Shirley Temple Black- a life in pictures

Shirley Temple, 1934. A distant cousin. Family archive has an illustration of her by BFJ. He thought Grace looked just like her. Grace & Shirley are the same age.

I just watched the first episode of kuwt kardashions and holy crap how did it past a first season haha their family used to be so tacky. They've changed so much

LOUISE BEAVERS (1902 - 1962) an African-American film and television actress. Beavers appeared in dozens of films from the 1920s to the 1930s, most often in the role of a maid, servant, or slave. Wikipedia

Rami Salamoun Spring/Summer 2014 V

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diy camera strap

DIY camera strap! This would be so cool, but takes FOREVER!!!! Like 10 hours of knotting!!