Maxine Noel

Native American Indian Thunder Spirits: Thunder Being

Maxine Noel: Water-The Giver Of Life.  "Maxine was born in the Canadian province of Manitoba of Santee Oglala Sioux parents. She spent her early childhood on her mother's reserve but at the age of six she left to attend an Indian residential school. Maxine's early career as a legal secretary was soon overshadowed by her preoccupation with painting and drawing. Maxine Noel signs her artwork with her Sioux name IOYAN MANI, which translates as 'Walk Beyond'."

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself, and only herself.

”Walk Beyond” by  Maxine Noel - In the artist’s words: “There comes a time in life when knowing oneself seems to magically fall into place, where life is less of a struggle and we make a place for joy in our lives. This is that time in my life. I have never felt better about who I am and where I am. When I was born, a visionary elder gave me my Sioux name (Ioyan Mani), “Walk Beyond”. I feel that through my painting I have been able to honour that gift.”

Walk Beyond by Maxine Noel (Ioyan Mani)

Ioyan Mani (Maxine Noel). Sioux artist.   She is one of my favourite artists.  I would love an original of her work.

Maxine Noel- First Nations Artist

Maxine Noel

Early Spring by Maxine Noel


The Approaching Storm by Maxine Noel

mn-teton majesty-sm

Teton Majesty by Maxine Noel



"Dream Warrior" -- by Maxine Noel [signs her paintings in her Sioux name, Ioyan Mani]; Manitoba province, Canada

Dream Warrior by Maxine Noel (Ioyan Mani) kK

Wings of the Raven - Aaron Paquette, First Nation/Metis artist, writer and presenter.

Twilight's Child ~ Maxine Noel

Twilight's Child ~ Maxine Noel

A New Dawn ~ Maxine Noel

"Let me give up the need to know why things happen as they do. I will never know and constant wondering is constant suffering. " ~ Unknown Artist: Maxine Noel Title: A New Dawn lis

'Not Forgotten' Magnet

Maxine Noel 'Not Forgotten' Magnet

Design by Sioux Native Artist Maxine Noel. "Not Forgotten" - to honour and remember all the murdered and missing Aboriginal Women. Proceeds of the "Not Forgott

Spirit of the Winds by Maxine Noel (Ioyan Mani) (I have been a fan of Ioyan Mani forever - the fluidity of her drawings is magic).

Spirit of the Winds - Maxine Noel*** air magic :)

Maxine Noel

14 x 11 gouache on paper, framed 24 x 19

William Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa/Oglala Sioux

Native American Painting by "the late" William Sitting Bull Stewart